Tax and tax compliance advice

The firm provides tax advice and assistance for complying with the tax obligations by helping companies, corporate groups, institutions or individuals in fulfilling their tax obligations and in managing relations with the government tax authorities and local authorities.
The tax advice service is addressed to both single companies and domestic and multinational groups of companies.
In addition to the mandatory tax returns, the tax advice provided concerns all aspects of tax law, from day-by-day assistance to solving the most complex tax problems connected with extraordinary domestic and international transactions.
Not only are update circulars sent out, but clients have a select collection of material of specific topics at their disposal in the special area.
The firm also provides assistance during tax audits and when submitting opinions to the tax authorities. Lastly, it generally handles tax litigation.

Business assistance, management control, economic and financial analyses and budgets

The philosophy of the firm is “experience the company”. Our never-ending goal is to remain close to the entrepreneur both when making strategic decisions and in the routine management of the company.
The presence of professionals with many years of experience in business and regulatory auditing lets us provide specialised advice on the subjects of management control, corporate analyses, preparation of economic and financial budges, business plans, audits and investment analyses.
The goal is to build a common team with the client to solve even the most complex problems.

Corporate and contractual advice

The firm provides corporate law assistance and advice.
Our support can concern, for example:

  • setting up companies and statutory amendments;
  • contracts and managing relations with shareholders;
  • corporate governance activities;
  • corporate reorganisation and restructuring, including mergers, spin-offs and transfers of companies.

The firm handles contractual consultancy. We help our clients in all stages of negotiations and drawing up contracts, and we also draft deeds, and private and preliminary agreements.
We also offer our clients assistance in buying and selling companies and shareholdings.
The firm has consolidated experience in providing corporate assistance to listed companies.

Extraordinary corporate transactions and corporate finance, M&A and corporate reorganisations, listings on the stock exchange

Over the years, the firm has given its advice concerning a large number of extraordinary financial transactions that have contributed to the development of considerable know-how amongst its professionals. These transactions included:

  • mergers, conversions, spin-offs, transfers, corporate liquidations and extraordinary corporate compliance in general
  • purchase and sale of companies and shareholdings
  • accounting and tax due diligence during extraordinary transactions
  • leveraged buy-out and similar transactions
  • corporate reorganisation
  • listings on the stock exchange (major market and AIM)

Company valuations

Performing company valuations is a professional service frequently requested at the time of acquisitions or extraordinary financial transactions.
Our valuation techniques in this sector as well are backed by well-proven and long-term experience in the field, the result of many valuations made by our professionals in an extensive range of sectors.
More specifically, the firm has specialised in drawing up appraisals and estimates required by law (for revaluations of equity investments, mergers subsequent to indebtedness - leveraged buy-out, transfers) and, more generally, valuations of companies, capital shares stock and corporate assets.

International taxation

Knowledge of international tax and corporate legislation is combined with a large network of professional contacts both in the EU and outside it who are carefully selected and connected with our membership in an important international network.
The services that are most frequently supplied to our clients regard advice to multinational groups operating or planning to operate in Italy.
All professionals working at the firm speak fluent English, while several of them are also fluent in German and French.
The purpose is to supply integrated international tax compliance solutions compliant with the legal and tax requirements of Italy and the individual foreign countries.
The firm provides consulting for topics that regard transfer pricing, and is available to assist companies in order to properly apply VAT regulations in their transactions inside and outside the EU.

Business finance

The firm lends assistance to companies in bank relations and in seeking more adequate sources of funding. The activity is closely tied to our ability to “experience the company” and to our in-depth knowledge of the client’s business.

Accounting advice and advice on statutory and consolidated financial statements, with application of the OIC and IFRS standards

The firm gives its assistance to companies and to domestic and international groups in connection with accounting issues. In particular, the firm deals with:

  • assistance in drawing up statutory and consolidated financial statements of listed and unlisted companies by applying the Italian OIC and international IAS/IFRS standards
  • assistance when switching over to the international accounting standards (FTA, i.e. First Time Adoption)
  • assistance with impairment testing of assets and purchase price allocation for extraordinary transactions carried out by both IAS/IFRS parties and those that apply the OIC accounting principles.

Assistance in the field of private holdings

The firm assists groups with narrow shareholder bases in generation changeovers and in rationalising structures, if necessary making use of its international network.

Due diligence, audits, assistance with corporate procedures

Most of our professionals boast considerable experience in the field of auditing at the leading multinational companies, so we are able to carry out accounting and tax due diligence, audits of financial statements or single balance sheet items, and help our clients define their internal procedures.

Analysis of the risk management processes and systems - organisation, management and control models pursuant to Art. 6 of Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001

Our support can concern:

  • Design of organisation and management models based on risk management
  • Supervisory Body 231/01
  • Definition of organisation and management models compliant with the requirements of Italian Legislative Decree 231/2011
  • Information System Auditors
  • Organisation of Human Resources and change management